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increasing access to midwifery education through our unique

Observer Pathway

Holding true to the ethic that midwifery knowledge should be common knowledge, NCM has always provided easy access to its academic curriculum even for those not enrolled in a program.  If you are interested in midwifery but are not ready to enroll as a student or if you are a PEP student (a student working towards midwifery certification through the North American Registry of Midwifery's Portfolio Evaluation Process), or a state process you may subscribe to access all of NCM's academic courses as an observer for $80 per year.  This includes an extensive online resource with links to videos, articles, discussions, and other enrichment activities. 

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Before you Enroll 

We are proud to offer this unique model of sharing midwifery knowledge, which is a great fit for those who do not require college credit or are not seeking a degree from a MEAC-accredited school.  "Observers" do not participate in online classes, but rather gain access to course content for their own use. It is important to note that "observer" status does not allow for gaining college credit or continuing education credits. 

NCM donates 100% of the proceeds to our Scholarship Program. 


Step 1: Click the button below and pay the $80/year fee (non-refundable) for 365 days of access to the observer status.


Step 2: Follow the instructions in the follow-up confirmation email to set up your login credentials for NCM's course portal. 


Step 3: To gain access to each individual course, you must navigate between Catalog (where you "enroll") and Canvas (where you access course content).  Below is a video that explains this complexity-- please watch!  Still have questions? Join a prospective student session!


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