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MEAC-Accredited Direct-Entry Midwifery Education

College Without Walls

NCM's self-paced, flexible, apprenticeship-based programs are adaptable to the unique needs of the student and preceptor.  Students study in their own community or create a study plan that allows them to travel to other cities or countries.   Our comprehensive academic and clinical  programs result in either an Associates Degree in Midwifery (ASM) or a Bachelor of Science in Midwifery (BSM).  Students begin their program whenever they are ready with our rolling enrollment.  Our program supports students in one-on-one apprenticeships as well as students in larger group study placements.  Applicable transfer credits are accepted from accredited colleges.  Our ASM program prepares students for state licensure and/or national certification whereas our BSM Bridge program is for midwives who are already licensed and certified.

About: Inner_about
About: Inner_about

NCM’s logo is meant to signify the midwife as the deliverer of spiritual abundance.  The logo depicts a goddess offering her breasts and cornucopia to infants.  This is based on the Greco-Roman myth of Gaia/Terra/Mother Earth, one of whose attributes is the cornucopia, meaning harvest, prosperity, unending nourishment, or spiritual abundance.  The cornucopia is the horn of the Goddess Amalthea, whose milk nourished Zeus.

About NCM

The National College of Midwifery is a non-profit 501.c.3. NCM was founded in 1989 by Elizabeth Gilmore, the New Mexico Midwives Association and the Northern New Mexico Midwifery Center under the name The New Mexico College of Midwifery.   


Since 2001, NCM has had continuous national 

accreditation by the Midwifery Education Accreditation Council (MEAC), a small private accrediting agency recognized by the US Department of Education.

NCM is licensed as a Post-Secondary Institution by the New Mexico Higher Education Department and has been approved to participate in the National Council for State Authorization Reciprocity Agreements.

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