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Resources for
Community Preceptors

National College of Midwifery has an outstanding team of dedicated Online Learning Coordinators (Professors/Academic Preceptors) and Clinical Preceptors, all of whom are determined to help students succeed. Our team members offer support and guidance, uniquely tailored to each student. Our goal is to provide an environment where teachers are valued for their outside-the-box thinking, creative ideas, and connection with their students.

NCM recognizes that our highly motivated, organized and excellent teachers are a vital part of the foundation of our college. We want you to feel supported, provide you with opportunities for professional learning and growth and help you achieve success.

Becoming a Preceptor

Baby being kissed by parents

NCM is Always Looking for New Clinical Preceptors! 

Passing on the skills and passion for midwifery work is one of the biggest gifts a midwife can give to the world.  As an NCM preceptor, you will have the freedom to script a unique agreement with your student(s) based on how your distinctive practice dovetails with your students’ educational goals.  This autonomy and flexibility, along with needed guidance and support from NCM staff makes it especially gratifying to be a preceptor with NCM.  

The preceptor must hold at least the academic credential sought by the midwifery student. For NCM ASM Courses with the prefix of “MW” or Core Midwifery curriculum, it is College policy is to recognize the CPM credential or local state midwifery licensing as equivalent to the ASM degree.  

Midwives practicing in states where licensure is required must provide a copy of current licensure in order to be approved.  Approved preceptors must maintain their licensure/certification as required by their state, unencumbered by holds/investigations/disciplinary action of any kind during active instruction and supervision of their NCM student(s).​

Quick Links for
Current Preceptors 

The following are direct links to requirements for NCM Clinical Preceptors. 

Baby on parent's chest immediately postpartum in water birth tub

At the end of each trimester, community preceptors should submit an evaluation of their student(s) through our Canvas platform.

Immediate postpartum

Your student(s) are responsible for having the required clinical skills forms for your signature-- this link is shared as a resources to quickly access blank forms. 
(scroll to the end for the module entitled "All Clinical Forms"


MEAC requires that all our faculty, including our community-based clinical faculty (that's you!) take annual training. 

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