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La Plaza

National College of Midwifery is pleased to share an online learning hub available to the midwifery community! La Plaza Gathering Place brings together course creators who wish to offer their midwifery-related content online in an easy-to-use format. Think of it like a public radio station or a town square; we provide the platform and folks in the midwifery community offer their wisdom!

How does it work?

Community-created courses are hosted on NCM's online learning system. Course creators upload their own original material to Canvas and NCM provides the forum for community learning to happen. La Plaza courses exist outside of NCM's MEAC-accredited programs and degree pathways. NCM takes care of student payments & registration, and sends the course creator a simple monthly payment through PayPal. Anyone can register to take the courses on La Plaza, and courses are made available to the public.

Descriptions of La Plaza courses are also shared widely with the NCM community-- including our hundreds of students and faculty.

What does it cost? 

Central to its mission, NCM strives to make midwifery education as accessible as possible. We also understand that most course creators are interested in creating a passive income stream,

and don't necessarily want to be "out of pocket" for set-up fees.

We created our fee structure with the intention that there would be no up front cost for course creators, but we are also flexible

and willing to consider other arrangements depending on the specific nature of the course.


What's in it for NCM? 

All NCM proceeds from La Plaza Gathering Place courses go directly into our scholarship fund and are matched dollar-for-dollar by a generous donor. NCM scholarships provide financial support to students that originate from and/or identify culturally with a population affected by institutional racism/discrimination as it relates to maternity care and hold the intention to serve this population as a midwife. Scholarship students must possess a comprehensive and extensive understanding of birth justice issues within the practice and profession of midwifery through a proportionally balanced combination of personal experience, theoretical study, and community engagement.

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