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Student Resources

NCM is proud to offer a wide array of resources for current students, including student orientation, learning resources, advising, counseling, tutoring, information about financial aid, obtaining transcripts, finding clinical placements connecting with preceptors, getting your career going, and so much more!

NCM Online Systems

Students at NCM will need to access the following online systems during the course of their education.  Quick links are provided for ease of reference:

GSuite logo

Check your NCM email (,
view your unofficial transcript,  and access Google Drive.

Classe365 logo

Apply for programs, check your financial balance, and submit new preceptor information.

Canvas logo

Access your NCM courses, submit assignments,
check grades, and connect with community. 

HotSpot logo

Download clinical experience forms to submit signature submission, and find links to student services

Catalog logo

Search our catalog and purchase courses
you would like to
enroll in. 

Library logo

Find the textbooks you need through libraries or for purchase; learn about our "snail mail" lending library and ScienceDirect access.

Reaching Out


Academic Advising

NCM constantly strives to make learning fun and dynamic so that all of our students can accomplish their goals.
Get help exploring whether or not NCM is right for you or to plan for success before enrolling, connect with an academic advisor to create a plan of completion, or talk through any challenges with getting through your courses.


 NCM aims to create a haven where students feel safe to walk the path to becoming a midwife, even when it inevitably means facing personal and interpersonal challenges that ultimately make us strong enough to do the important work we do in the world.  Connect with our President if in need of counseling or mediation.


Social support services are provided via chat capabilities within courses on the Canvas platform, the private student Facebook group, and through the organic process of cohorts being formed by students following the academic blocking.  Reach out to our Provost for mentoring or tutoring to reach your academic goals. 

Finding a Preceptor

When students choose their preceptors, it often allows for more continuity in students’ and their families’ lives by eliminating the need to uproot.  Students who identify with and who understand the nuances of their community’s needs hold the insight and passion to effectively meet those needs.  We believe that culturally competent relationships are one of the keys to bridging health disparities. ​Students are required to find and contract with their own preceptors. NCM provides the following support to help students find clinical placements and preceptors:

  • NCM's Bulletin Board, review it for preceptors and clinical sites seeking students or submit your own posting of students seeking preceptors

  • Check out our Preceptor Opt-In List.

  • Find your state and local midwives association and see if they have a list of midwives in your area.

  • Research what midwives are in your area and contact them.

  • Contact NCM's office for more support.

  •  Within the US there are higher volume birth centers that specialize in providing clinical opportunities for students for a fee (note this is not covered by your NCM tuition and would be an additional fee to you, the student).  All rules still apply for contracting with clinical preceptors. (Fee Statement for Learning Site Form)


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