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Bachelor of Science in Midwifery (BSM)

Designed for Practicing Midwives!

The Bachelor of Science in Midwifery (BSM) Program is the foundation for building a strong academic and evidence based knowledge and skills for practicing direct entry midwives. Our program allows students to earn a bachelor’s degree without compromising your midwifery practice and family commitments. The BSM program is divided into academic and advanced clinical care requirements.  Traditionally, midwifery students learned under the guidance of an experienced midwife in an apprenticeship.  As a practitioner the apprenticeship model moves into mentorship and collegial relationships. The goal of our bachelor’s degree is to support this transition through self-paced and flexible options.

Academics are taught by NCM's online professors, with the exception of one course where the student will be working with their community preceptor. (NCM supplies the learning objectives, activities, grading rubrics, and course structure, the student finds their preceptor who will instruct, mentor, grade and evaluate.)

NCM supplies an accredited comprehensive academic and clinical curriculum to ensure the education of a competent, confident midwife. We recognize the specialized and distinct experience each preceptor brings to the education and allow for flexibility in a myriad of apprenticeship settings which honors the individual needs of each student and preceptor. Students are required to contract with their own preceptors which helps to ensure a cultural match and allows the student to stay in their community or the community they wish to work within. Students and Preceptors are free to study at their own pace (some courses have to be redone after 7 years to make sure the student has current information; please check the student handbook) and organize course content to meet preferences and increase convenience and satisfaction.

Key Program Information

NCM BSM Benefits to obtaining your BSM infographic
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