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NARM Study Method

This unique course is for midwifery students on any pathway-- not just NCM!-- who are getting ready to sit for the NARM exam.

At only $375, this is an incredibly affordable way to prepare, with proceeds benefitting the NCM Scholarship Fund for midwives from underrepresented communities.  

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The NARM Study Method was especially designed to address the issues that students face while preparing to sit for the NARM exam. Students can often feel overwhelmed and uncertain about how or what to study; many are still on-call or working, and coupling that with sorting through the handful of NARM resources available on how to prepare for the NARM exam.

There are options out there ranging from midwives who sell notes that they created during their study time, to full weekend retreats. That is why we have partnered with Monica Larrea de Arellano, LM, CPM who has been helping students to prepare for the NARM for over 3 years. In that time, Monica has learned the common challenges that students face and which strategies best address these challenges.

Together we have brought you a comprehensive study method. It includes strategies for getting organized, managing stress, study strategies, test-taking tools, and most importantly, a decoding of NARM written test specifications. One of the modules is dedicated to taking you through the three domains which represent the greatest number of exam questions, and helping you to interpret what you will need to know.

This course is designed to help you study using evidence-based strategies , and to understand what content you will be tested on. However, no exam prep program can be a replacement for having learned midwifery content during your student experience.

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