Writing and Evaluating Research

BeOnline: Evaluating Internet Resources
An Annotated Guide to Selected Resources

Education World-This site explains the validity of various types of online resources.

Evaluating Wikipedia - How to use and evaluate Wikipedia articles. Wikipedia articles are easy to find on almost every subject, but students are not allowed to use them as primary sources. However the articles are extremely useful in that they link to the primary sources that they are based upon.

Georgetown University Library:Evaluating Internet Resources

The Complete Guide to Evaluating Online Resources. Learn how to evaluate websites, online content, documents and other resources.

Netlab: How to Read a Research Article and Evaluate the Research-This is a lab with practice and evaluation.


Owl Purdue is one of the best resources for formatting, citing of resources and includes guidance on evaluating resources .


Purdue Tutorials for Biology Students Searching the Scientific Literature

Hacker and Fister. Research and documentation online. 5th edition. CSE documentation systems (Most biologists, zoologists, earth scientists, geneticists, and other scientists use one of three systems of documentation specified by the Council of Science Editors in Scientific Style and Format: The CSE Manual for Authors, Editors, and Publishers (7th ed., 2006).)

Writing a Research Abstract-Amercian College of Physicians

UMUC-Online guide to writing and resources This is an invaluable resource for guidance in writing research papers. It has great information for the entire research paper process, including but not limited to how to evaluate resources.

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