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Transfer Credits

NCM Credit Transfer to Other Institutions

NCM does not guarantee the transferability of credits to a college, university or institution. Any decision on the comparability, appropriateness and applicability of credit and whether they should be accepted is the decision of the receiving institution.

Accepting Transfer Credits From Other Institutions

Students must submit transfer credit requests to NCM by submitting one of the following transfer forms.  In order to review a credit, NCM requires an official sealed transcript from an accredited university or college, showing the course name, grade, and number of credits. In the case that the name of the course does not adequately match an NCM course title, the student must complete the NCM Transfer Credit Request Form along with a syllabus or course description for the courses which demonstrates that the questions in our learning objectives have been satisfied. Credits acceptable for transfer must be college level and from an accredited college or university. General Education Credits must be at least C- or higher. Midwifery Modules must be B- / 80% or higher and can only transfer from other MEAC accredited institutions.

Procedure for Accepting Transfer Credits

Credits are evaluated by the Registrar. Student must submit a transfer request form and provide an official sealed transcript to the NCM office.  The Registrar reviews this transcript for applicable credits. Please allow at least 3-6 weeks for processing and mail transit from the time the form is submitted.

  • Pre-Enrollment Credit Transfer Review

Review of Prospective Credits

​The prospective credits are reviewed by the Registrar for the following items using, but not limited to, the Granting Institution’s Course Catalog: 

  • Official Sealed Transcripts - NCM can only accept credits from an official sealed transcript.  

  • Accreditation -the courses must have been completed with an accredited institution.

  • Level of credit - we can only accept College-level credits. This usually means 100 or higher numbering, but check with your college to be sure as all college numbering systems are different. 

    • Advanced Placement (not honors) High School Credits are also accepted by NCM as college level.

  • Course content - NCM makes every effort to award transfer credit based on the information on the transcript. In some cases, more information, such as a syllabus or description may be necessary. If you would like us to evaluate a course for credit, please fill out the Transfer Credit Request Form.

  • Area of Study – The credits to be transferred must be within the same area of study: Area I: Communications, Area II: Mathematics, Area III: Laboratory/Natural Science, Area IV: Social/Behavioral Sciences, Area V: Humanities and Fine Arts. 

  • Academic Credits - NCM credits are semester credits (not quarter credits):  1 of NCM’s academic credits = approximately 15 “contact hours.” The course credits must meet or exceed NCM’s matching course requirements. This can be fulfilled from a single course or combined from several courses.

  • Grade - for our General Education requirements we can accept transfer credits with a grade of C- or higher. For the Midwifery courses, we need a B- or higher.

  • Time -There is no time limit for the following courses: BIO155G Anatomy and Physiology, HON205G Applied
    Microbiology, SCI122G Chemistry, ENG200G College Composition, HON211G Statistic, MATH112G
    College-Level Math, PSY224 Communication and Counseling, HON225G Midwifery Ethics, HON393G
    Community Health, ENG202G Business and Professional Communication, HON220G Midwifery Literature
    and Art, HON222GHistory of Midwifery.
    There is a seven year time limit for transferring in midwifery credits from other MEAC accredited institutions as
    well as a five year limit for the following courses: HON248G Cultural Issues, BIO120 Fetal Development,
    SOC102 Genetic Screening, HON390G Laws and Regulations.

  • Please see our Handbook for further information regarding what can be transferred in.

Prior Learning Assessment/Advanced Placement

NCM accepts the following to satisfy credit requirements: AP, CLEP, DSST, and ACE recommendations. NCM accepts the score recommended for credit by the granting organization.  The Student provides an official transcript or results to NCM.  The NCM Registrar verifies the current guidelines from the granting organization.

CLEP (NCM's CLEP code is 6162)

College Placement Exams

A college placement exam determines what level course a student is ready to enter.  As it does not confer credits for a course, NCM cannot accept this sort of exam as a “transfer credit".

Max Number of Transfer Credits

General Education Requirements from Modules 1, 2 & 8: NCM will accept up to 13 transfer credits.
Prerequisites that must be transferred in: Math & English (and Chemistry & Child Development for California)

(Prerequisites do not count toward the 13 credit limit. In the ASM program, prerequisites can be co-reqs and finished during the program; in the BSM program they must be transferred in prior to enrolling.)

Midwifery Modules 3-7: MEAC credit transfers are unlimited, subject to NCM's transfer policies.

No partial credits are granted.

Clinical Credits are only accepted from other MEAC Accredited schools, or through NARM’s PEP process, and on a case by case basis at the discretion of NCM.   The student must submit both the official transcript and copies of their clinical record forms (not client charts) showing client code, date completed, and preceptor name and signature.
NCM will accept the following maximum clinicals as transfer:

10 of 10 Births as Observer
20 of 25 Prenatals as Assistant
18 of 20 Births as Assistant
18 of 20 Newborn Exams as Assistant
8 of 10 Postpartum Exams as Assistant
25 of 30 Well Woman Exams as Primary under Supervision
15 of 20 Initial Prenatals as Primary under Supervision
20 of 55 Prenatals as Primary under Supervision
15 of 25 Births as Primary under Supervision
10 of 20 Newborn Exams as Primary under Supervision
20 of 40 Postpartum exams as Primary under Supervision
2 of 5 NARM Continuities of Care
10 of 10 Out of Hospital Births

The student must complete the entire NARM Skills Form while enrolled in NCM’s ASM program.
All clinicals must meet NCM and NARM requirements.  

Additional Requirements for NARM PEP Transfers:
NCM will accept clinical work completed as part of NARM’s PEP program towards ASM clinical
requirements, provided the student has submitted all of the following to NCM:

Verification that preceptor(s) who facilitated PEP work are registered NARM preceptors -preceptor certificate from NARM or letter from NARM with confirmation of registration.
Documentation must show that preceptor(s) were certified before clinicals were recorded.

Transfer of Complete NARM Clinicals

NCM will accept clinical work completed as part of NARM’s PEP program towards ASM clinical requirements, provided the student has all the following: 

  • Passed the NARM exam, 

  • been awarded CPM certification, and

  • be in current active and renewed CPM status 

NCM must receive verification directly from NARM regarding student’s CPM date and status.
Further clinical requirements may be necessary in order to ensure the student meets current NCM and NARM clinical requirements.

Enrollment Period for Advanced Standing

Minimum enrollment period for students enrolling with advanced standing is based on the number of credits to be completed.