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Ways to Support Our School

Give Our Students the Tools to Succeed

Your donations of time and resources to National College of Midwifery are put towards our operating budget, providing support for our core programs, and inspiring our students to strive for more. As part of the National College of Midwifery community, you are involved in preparing midwives intellectually, with clinical and counseling skills to thrive in their careers and provide clients and their families with exceptional midwifery care.

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Volunteer. Follow. Like.

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Board of Directors

Fun and Challenging

Dive right in, have an immediate and drive impact and join the active, diverse and fun board of directors.

Social Media

An Exceptional Learning Experience

Following, liking, and commenting on NCM's social media platforms is a great way to stay up to date about college's activities, midwifery research and helps to spread the word about the institution.

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Amazon Smile Campaign

Support the National College of Midwifery when you shop at Amazon through their Smile Campaign.

Faculty Advisory Board

Innovative and Thought Provoking

NCM has several boards which review various aspects of the college including curriculum and literature resources. If you would like to help with these reviews please contact us!

Volunteer Opportunities
Support Us: Service

Donations are put toward our operating budget and our Grand Challenge Scholarship Fund and can be used as a tax deduction because of the schools 501c3 status.

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