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Meet Our Staff
Staff: TeamMember

Tanya Smith-Johnson, President

Cassaundra Jah, Institutional Development Officer, Clinical Dean

Renee Dotson Cox,

      Director of Admissions

Han Luu, Director of Systems

Tanzye Hill, Director of Academic Support & 

Equity, Justice, and Accountability Officer

Carolina Nkouaga,

Project Implementation Officer

Demetra Seriki, Administration & Finance Officer,

Academic Dean

Our Founder

Elizabeth Gilmore


Beloved midwife, Elizabeth Gilmore has passed over...


Elizabeth Gilmore founded the Northern New Mexico Midwifery Center in 1978 with Tish Demmin and was the administrator and clinical and academic midwife until her retirement in 2001. She supervised the births of thouands of Taos babies and taught over 40 students who became licensed and certified and went on to provide midwifery care not only in New Mexico, but all over the USA and in several foreign countries.


She got the birth center accredited nationally, founded the degree-granting National College of Midwifery over which she still presides as President, and co-founded the Midwifery Education Accreditation Council.  Focusing on the reduction of maternal and infant risk, Elizabeth’s work brought the center many honors for safety and achievement. She was very proud that the Taos community continues to partner with the Center for this purpose!

Elizabeth is deeply missed among the circle of sisters!

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