NCM Scholarship Fund

Exciting news!  NCM has been successful in meeting its fundraising goals and thus has continued to receive matching funds that support its scholarship fund.



Elizabeth Gilmore founded NCM as a larger expression of her conviction, "We must remove barriers to midwifery education in order to improve outcomes for mothers and babies."  Now we are more aware than ever of how maternal health outcomes among certain populations are affected by poverty, lack of services, cultural isolation, and institutional racism.  The value of providing accessible midwifery education to students from underserved populations is clear; these are the students who identify with their own communities, who understand the subtleties and unique needs of these communities and who hold the insight and the passion to effectively meet those needs.  NCM is committed to making midwifery education as accessible as possible.  


Scholarship Details

ASM and BSM Scholarships will cover 25-75% of the total cost of tuition.  

Recipients will be responsible for:

  • Any portion of the clinical audit fee  and course fees not covered by the scholarship.

  • May be responsible for extension clinical audit fees annually if enrolled beyond 3 years.

  • Clinical preceptorship costs: Students and their preceptor(s) make whatever financial agreements they wish, provided evidence of an agreement is filed with NCM.  These costs (if any) are paid directly to the preceptor. 

  • Textbooks: Students are not required to own the books required for the courses, but must find access to them.  NCM does not sell books, and the books required for courses are not included in NCM’s administrative fee. Many students are able to find the books used at a discounted price, or can borrow from their preceptors.


  • Midwifery Equipment: ASM students are not required to own midwifery equipment, but must have access to it through their preceptors.  Some preceptors may require that students possess some or all of their own midwifery equipment. Costs of equipment vary.

  • General Education Requirements: NCM highly recommends that students complete these courses prior to enrollment but it is not required. ASM General education courses for 3 credits of Math and 4 credits of English are not offered through NCM.  Students may take the courses at an accredited college, university or online source.

  • California Only: California ASM students must complete an additional 3 credits of Chemistry and 1 credit of Early Childhood Development (this prerequisite is now offered at NCM as a standalone course for an additional fee). Students are required to be certified in CPR & NRP. The costs for these are the responsibility of the student and are variable.

  • Required Outside Examination for ASM Degree:   Exam and certification fees are paid by the student.  Please check directly with NARM for exam and certification fees.


Application Process

Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis. Students must apply to a program and cannot be non-degree seeking. Scholarship applicants must submit the scholarship application that corresponds to their specific program.

The scholarship application link becomes available to students in their final step of enrollment with NCM.

Currently enrolled NCM students may reach out to if they are interested in applying for a scholarship for their remaining course fees.  

Selection Criteria


Applicants must originate from and/or must identify culturally with a population affected by institutional racism/discrimination as it relates to maternity care and hold the intention to serve this population as a midwife.


Applicants must possess a comprehensive and extensive understanding of birth justice issues within the practice and profession of midwifery through a proportionally balanced combination of personal experience, theoretical study, and community engagement. 


Selection will be based on:

  • Personal experience with midwifery care and/or ambitions for midwifery work

  • Understanding of how midwifery care can help to bridge health disparities as they relate to discrimination

  • Need of the population in which the applicant hopes to practice after graduation

  • Personal connection with and ambition for serving this population

  • Ability to offer culturally sensitive care in this particular demographic

  • Solidity of plan of completion, including having relationships with willing and capable preceptors

  • Willingness to train future midwives after graduation 

  • Strength of pre-enrollment interview/assessment including three recommendation letters


  • Strength of additional biographical information regarding applicant’s career, community involvement, academic, and other relevant experiences

Notification of Recipients Disbursement of Funds

Once the selection committee has made their final decision, all applicants will be notified whether they have been selected as recipients or not.  Funds will be disbursed once the recipient confirms acceptance and their readiness to start the program.