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Resources for Healthcare Professionals

Disease Database: This database from The Doctors Lounge is aimed at providing disease summaries. It’s a helpful resource for health care professionals looking to brush up, or students looking to pass exams.

GIDEON: This database of infectious diseases is updated regularly, and aimed at helping medical professionals in their jobs. It is a paid database if you want the service, but you can sign up for a free trial, and search the database for free for a limited time.


Symptoms and Diseases Database: Symptoms and Diseases Database (SADDB) is a web based application created to help doctors and clinic users to store patients data, disease and symptoms. This is a patients record project aimed at medical professionals. It is possible to share symptoms and diseases, and search the database for information that can help in diagnosis. An interesting resource aimed at helping doctors connect with each other.


Medical Mnemonics: A free, non-profit, online searchable database of medical mnemonics to help remember the important details.


Medical Resource Reviews Database: This database is aimed at helping health care professionals and others find information about different medical resources. Can lead you to helpful information on different diseases.


Medscape: Aimed at physicians and other health care professionals, this site offers a searchable database, as well as specialty sites and full text journal articles.


NORD Physician Guide for Rare Diseases rare disease educational website developed by The National Organization for Rare Disorders. By raising awareness of rare diseases among physicians, clinicians and other medical professionals, NORD strives to help patients obtain earlier diagnosis and appropriate treatment.


TDR Targets: This database from the World Health Organization offers information on neglected tropical diseases, as well as the compounds that could help. This site is aimed at medical researchers looking to develop ways to alleviate diseases that may not be addressed as well as they should be.  'TDR' for Tropical Disease Research, a special programme within the World Health Organization.

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