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Preceptor Training and Resources

From NCM specific orientation videos for precetors, to instruction planning and guidance including documentation, completion calculators, and information on assessment look no further.

No one can afford to get stuck in their training. Midwives, and especially preceptors need to build the bricks of the kind of midwife and educator you are going to become and stay throughout your career. Continuing Education allows midwives to stay up to date on the latest information in their field and is required for continued licensure and certification. All midwives and midwifery preceptors must keep their skills sharp and their knowledge cutting-edge. 

Midwifery is a passion, a calling but is often not a job direct-entry professionals make hand over fist salary and yet we still owe it to our profession, our clients and ourselves to stay current in our professional education. Free and inexpensive CEUs is a great way to do just that!

These are medical resources and database sites aimed at health care professionals. 

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