Why Choose NCM?

NCM is working to bridge health disparities by encouraging diversity

Elizabeth Gilmore founded NCM in 1989 as a larger expression of her conviction, "We must remove barriers to midwifery education in order to improve outcomes for mothers and babies."  Now we are more aware than ever of how maternal health outcomes in certain populations are affected by poverty, lack of services, cultural isolation and institutional racism.  The value of providing accessible midwifery education to students from underserved populations is clear; these are the students who identify with their own communities, who understand the subtleties of their own people’s unique needs and who hold the insight and the passion to effectively meet these needs. NCM is committed to making midwifery education as accessible as possible.

NCM's Objectives
  1. To improve care for mothers and babies through midwifery education.

  2. To provide a degree-granting, educational route for the training of midwives in their community setting in order to contain costs.

  3. To provide accessible midwifery training to student midwives in any location and at any level of training under the guidance of an approved preceptor(s)

  4. To promote community involvement and keep the student’s family structure intact

  5. To provide a core curriculum for each of the degrees offered

  6. To provide an Associate of Science in Midwifery and a Bachelor of Science in Midwifery

  7. To stimulate, encourage and reward research by midwifery practitioners

  8. To provide courses and guidance to professional and state entities to fill expressed needs for specific courses or subject areas

  9. To allow the student to choose their own preceptor(s) according to a mutually acceptable agreement based on College guidelines

  10. To provide a faculty board made up of volunteers in the field of midwifery education and related disciplines for reviewing proposed research projects

  11. To address the following concerns about midwifery apprenticeship nationally:

    1. Consistency from preceptorship to preceptorship in academic content

    2. Guidance for the preceptor and student through materials to be covered

    3. Credibility for the academic program

NCM's Mission

The Mission of the National College of Midwifery is to provide aspiring direct-entry midwives with access to superlative clinical and didactic education culminating in an accredited degree emphasizing maternal and infant risk-reduction.  The degree programs of the National College of Midwifery are implemented in diverse learning environments chosen by the student and the preceptor, from individual and group apprenticeships to classroom settings, allowing for multiple approaches to learning while requiring a high degree of initiative and discipline from the student.

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