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 Midwifery -Focused Sites & Continuing Education Resources for Midwifery Educators


American Association of Birth Centers: Birth centers, individuals and organizations that promote and support birth centers as a means to uphold the rights of healthy women and their families, in all communities, to birth their children in an environment which is safe, sensitive and cost-effective with minimal intervention. Conferences and Continuing Education. is a free educational resource, which is visited by more than 120,000 students and teachers per month. It includes lots of materials, resources, and guidelines for academic writing. We have also tailored a great number of writing samples. Additionally, our writing experts answer live questions that come from website visitors. 


The Association of Midwifery Educators (AME) is a non-profit organization committed to strengthening midwifery educators, schools, and administrators through connection, collaboration, and coordination. All midwifery educators - preceptors, academic faculty, and school administrators - are welcome as members. AME's MEAC-approved continuing education series for midwives and educators


The ACNM Live Learning Center is your official online portal to professional development designed for and by midwives. The upgraded platform connects midwives to recorded content from ACNM events and provides opportunities to earn free CEUs.


Carnegie-Mellon University's Eberly Center for Teaching Excellence and Educational Innovation. A great resource for those interested in Educational Tools and Course or Program Design.


Childbirth Connection: a mission is to improve the quality and value of maternity care through consumer engagement and health system transformation. Childbirth Connection promotes safe, effective and satisfying evidence-based maternity care and is a voice for the needs and interests of childbearing families. Access to resources for mothers and healthcare providers.


ChildbirthProfessionals focus is to advocate for certified professional midwives (CPM) or licensed midwives (LM) in the United States


The National Association to Advance Black Birth: NAABB’s mission is to transform the national maternity system to advance the well-being of – and gain equity for – Black women and persons in the US. NAABB intentionally harnesses the wisdom and birth traditions from Africa and the African Diaspora to achieve this goal


Citizens for Midwifery: National consumer-based group promoting the Midwives Model of Care. CfM works to provide information and resources that promote the local midwife, as well as midwives and midwifery care across the country. This site has great links to resources about midwifery care. Free database focusing on evidence-based peer reviewed resources and articles.


Preceptors earn CME's for searches:


Homebirth Summit:  the Home Birth Summits convene a multidisciplinary group of leaders, representing all stakeholder perspectives, to address their shared responsibility for care of women who plan home births in the United States


International Confederation of Midwives ICM is an accredited non-governmental organisation and represents midwives and midwifery to organisations worldwide to achieve common goals in the care of mothers and newborns. These organisations include the WHO and other UN Agencies, global professional health care organisations including the International Federation of Gynaecology and Obstetrics (FIGO), the International Paediatric Association (IPA), the International Council of Nurses (ICN), non-governmental organisations, bilateral and civil society groups. ICM Global Standards Competencies and Tools : Online training in software, programs, and media. Many courses for free, others require a membership. or Midwife to Midwifery Instructor is a website requiring a free login. It supplies free course syllabus templates, Academic Lesson Plan Forms, Clinical Lesson Plan Forms and more to Midwifery Preceptors and Instructors. It was designed to fit with NCM's or any other midwifery training program.


Midwives Alliance of North America 

MANA's listing of Midwifery Law state by state

MANA Research Projects

Enroll in the MANA Statistics Database to submit your data


MANA's annual conventions are a gathering place for midwives, students & supporters The Midwives Alliance has been hosting annual conventions as a gathering place for all midwives for over 30 years. This is an honor we take great pride in and strive to provide not only a place for midwives to receive high quality continuing education, but also relaxation, renewal and friendship amongst other midwives and birth workers. The annual convention is hosted in different cities around the U.S. each year in order to be accessible to many midwives.


Midwifery Today Conferences: Meet Midwives from around the World! Learn new ideas for serving clients. Gain an inspiring, empowering education while you earn CEUs (US conferences only). Engage your mind and enrich your heart with new insights. Meet new and old friends


Midwifery Education Accreditation Council (MEAC): is an independent, nonprofit organization recognized by the U.S. Department of Education as an accrediting agency of direct-entry midwifery institutions and programs.




NACPM: National Association of Certified Professional Midwives





North American Registry of Midwives (NARM): Information on the NARM exam and CPM credential.


Childbirth Connection: Seeks to improve maternity care- team of innovators in maternity care delivery and health systems design to define the fundamental values, principles, and goals for a high-quality, high-value maternity care system. The resulting consensus document, 2020 Vision for a High-Quality, High-Value Maternity Care System serves as a focal point to inspire improvement strategies, and formed the basis for the Blueprint for Action. Blog, webinar, action.


US Midwifery ERA (US MERA) : The US MERA workgroup is comprised of 5 representatives of the seven national midwifery organizations: Accreditation Commission for Midwifery Education (ACME), American College of Nurse-Midwives (ACNM), American Midwifery Certification Board (AMCB), Midwifery Education Accreditation Council (MEAC), Midwives Alliance of North America (MANA), National Association of Certified Professional Midwives (NACPM), and North American Registry of Midwives (NARM). For nearly three years, these organizations have been working together to envision and work toward a more cohesive US midwifery presence inspired and informed by global midwifery standards and competencies adopted by the International Confederation of Midwives in 2011. US MERA can be reached at

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