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Thank you for your interest in teaching within our online learning hub.  We are excited to hear about what you have to offer!

All application and access fees paid to NCM for La Plaza will go directly to NCM's Scholarship Fund so you can consider your financial participation as a donation to the diversification of midwifery! 

Steps for setting up a course:

  • Apply for CEUs from an outside entity.  CEUs are available through the Midwifery Education Accreditation Council (, the New Mexico Midwives Association (, and various other state midwifery organizations.  Click here for the information you will need re sponsorship in order for you to fill out your CEU application.  Contact Marcy if any further information is needed.

  • Submit a course proposal to NCM by clicking here

  • Your application will be reviewed once the office has received your application fee of $25. 

  • Once approved, NCM will send you a contract to sign. You can preview the contract here.

  • Pay a non-refundable access fee to NCM ($65 per course) and gain access to the online platform (Canvas).

  • Learn how to use the online platform with the support of NCM staff and access to 24/7 Canvas tech support.

  • Develop your own course within the platform.

  • Ensure that you have legal permission to use all materials provided within the course.  Consult this resource: to find out more.

  • Include information provided by NCM giving students the opportunity to donate to NCM's scholarship fund and have their donation matched dollar for dollar.

  • Include in your course links to a course evaluation and an instructor evaluation.

  • Submit an advertising form by clicking here so that we can advertise your course on our website and through social media

  • Collect all payments from students who enroll in the course.  We recommend doing this by setting up a paypal button on your website.  The price of the course is set at the discretion of the instructor.

  • Pay to NCM student access fees ($35 per course per student) before students start the course. 

  • Proctor your course.  The level of direct engagement with students is at the discretion of the instructor.  Some courses may act as stand alone resources for students to access with minimal instructor involvement after the course is set up.  Others may involve high levels of direct engagement between students and instructor.

Questions?  Contact Marcy Andrew at


About La Plaza Online Learning Hub


La Plaza brings together instructors in various fields of study that directly or indirectly relate to midwifery education.  While not all course proposals are accepted, NCM does not review, evaluate or approve the material in these courses but rather provides the forum for community learning to happen.

Students are advised to think of it like a public radio station; that the views, opinions and conclusions expressed in the courses are those of the author and not those of NCM, its employees or board.  The author/instructor of the course is solely responsible for its content.  Students are guided to do their own research as to the credibility of the material, its authors and the organizations providing the CEUs to confirm whether or not the course will meet their learning needs.


The cost of each course will be set at the discretion of the instructor of the course.  Instructors will be responsible for collecting all student fees.  In turn, instructors  will pay access fees to NCM, all of which will go directly to the NCM scholarship fund.  

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