Funding Your Education

Typically at NCM when students delay enrollment after applying it is either due to a financial complication or a challenge in securing preceptors. 

Financial Complications Delaying Enrollment

You have several options for dealing with the financial challenges associated with enrolling with the College.

Apply for our scholarship!

Applicants must originate from and/or must identify culturally with a population affected by institutional racism/discrimination as it relates to maternity care and hold the intention to serve this population as a midwife.


Applicants must possess a comprehensive and extensive understanding of birth justice issues within the practice and profession of midwifery through a proportionally balanced combination of personal experience, theoretical study, and community engagement.  


More details about the scholarship can be found here: 


Choose a payment plan!

NCM offers several payment plans which can help you get started with the College. NCM contributes 10% to the scholarship fund for all full and down payments. This means that if, for example, you are able to pay in full, $900 will be put towards helping another aspiring midwife access NCM’s program.  Please consider choosing the payment option that will make the full benefit of this opportunity to help.

Pay in Full: $9000

Payment Plan 1: $4500 down, $375 for 12 consecutive months

Payment Plan 2: $4500 down, $187.50 for 24 consecutive months

(COVID) Payment Plan 3: $2250 down, $281.50 for 24 consecutive months 

Payment Plan 4: Enroll as a Non-Degree Student and start taking classes for $75/credit until reaching the payment plan down payment milestone of $2250.   Then you can enroll as a degree student at the payment plan rate for 24-months.  See the details below and in the final contract.

(All plans including paying in full are subject to extension fees after 2 years of enrollment.)


Start as a non-degree seeking student!

Start your midwifery education with just academics by becoming a non-degree seeking student (just to get started). When a student is considered “non-degree seeking”, they pay just $75 per credit and starting in 2021, will not be required to have a preceptor to take classes à la carte. Clinical credit cannot be earned until you enroll in a degree program, though PEP clinicals can be considered for transfer upon enrollment. 


All midwifery credits (courses with course numbers beginning with MW), as well as general education courses Cultural Issues (HON248G), Genetic Screening (SOC102), and Laws and Regulations (HON390G), must be taken within 7 years of graduation.  All other general education courses have no time limitations.


Additionally, there are two huge benefits of this route:

  1. All fees paid as a non-degree seeking student can be applied to the current fee for a full program within NCM. You can decide to take courses until you’ve reached your down payment milestone of $2250 (as described above in Payment Plan 4) or you can take as many courses as desired and then apply it toward your down payment.  For example, if you take A&P with NCM for $300 and then decide to enroll in the ASM program, $300 will be discounted from your down payment!  

  2. Time spent as a non-degree student does not count against the extension fees that start at the end of year 2 for degree-seeking students.  This means that you are less likely to have to pay an extension fee. 


If these solutions don’t specifically address your hold up, please reach out to and let us know about your challenge.  We are a small team, passionate about midwifery and enthusiastically dedicated to flexible, solution-based approaches.  We want to see more midwives in the world!



Team NCM

Non-NCM Scholarships


National Association to Advance Black Birth

Available Private Scholarships:

Here is a list of private scholarships put together by another MEAC accredited institution Midwives College of Utah.


These sites help students locate private scholarships: 

Fundraising Through Crowdsourcing

Many NCM students have had great success “crowdfunding” which is asking for donations from friends, family, support groups (parenting, church, etc), businesses and the general public. This can be done with or without the use of an online website which can help facilitate donations and potentially reach a broader audience. If you choose to try and fundraise in this way we encourage you to make an information packet or flier to help potential donors understand what you will accomplish with the help of their donations items you might considering including are:

  • Length of the Program (2-5 years) 

  • What degree, certification and/or license you will receive at the end of your education. (ASM, BSM, MSM, PhD) (CPM, LM)

  • Cost of the Program (plus books and preceptor fees)

  • Benefits of this particular program (Flexibility, cost savings, ability to stay in your community, serve your community)

  • How being a midwife serves the world (health savings for society, increased mental and physical health of mothers, partners, infants, families)

  • Increased birth options (home, birth center)


Crowdfunding Sites:

  • GoFundMe

  • Upstart 

  • Scholar Match

  • CrowdfundEDU

  • CommonBond – CommonBond is a website that helps you to secure a student loan from a group of individual and institutional investors.

  • Sofi – Sofi is another P2P lending platform where you can secure a student loan from a group of accredited investors.

Private Loans

Students may also consider taking out a loan from a financial institution. NCM is happy to provide support for this.


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