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Cost of the Associate's Degree Program

Fees and Tuition

Fees Paid Directly to the College










































 Application Fee: $100 (Non-Refundable, paid upon application) 

Clinical Audit Fee: $4,500 (due upon enrollment)

Per-credit Course Fees: $125 per credit (due upon purchase of class). Bulk-buy discounts avaialbe; contact for more information.  

Yearly Extension Rate for Degree-Enrolled Students: Extension clinical audit fee is 1/3 of the clinical audit fee that you paid at enrollment, annually for each year of enrollment beyond 3 years. (Fees are Subject to Change)

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Additional Expenses

Remuneration: Students and their preceptor(s) make whatever financial agreements they wish, provided evidence of an agreement is filed with NCM.  The student pays renumeration (if any) directly to the preceptor.  


Textbooks: Students are not required to own the books required for the courses, but must find access to them.  NCM does not sell books, and the books required for courses are not included in NCM’s administrative fee. Many students are able to find the books used at a discounted price, or can borrow from their preceptors. NCM also has a library of books available, shipping is the responsibility of the student and is often more expensive than purchasing the book used. Estimated Cost: $2500 (used) $3089 (new). 


Midwifery Equipment: Students are not required to own midwifery equipment, but must have access to it through their preceptors.  Some preceptors may require that students possess some or all of their own midwifery equipment. Costs of equipment vary but is estimated to be $3000.


General Education Requirements: NCM highly recommends that students complete these courses prior to enrollment but it is not required. General education courses for 3 credits of Math, 4 credits of English are not offered through NCM.  Students may take the courses at an accredited college, university, or online source. 


California Only: California ASM students must complete an additional 3 credits of Chemistry and 1 credit of Early Childhood Development.


Certifications: Students are required to be certified in CPR & NRP prior to beginning primary births under supervision; the costs for these are the responsibility of the student and are variable but in general are $115 per two year cycle.


Required Outside Examination: For the ASM degree, there is a requirement to pass an outside exam, such as the NARM. Most of our ASM students sit for the NARM exam at the end of their program.  Exam and certification fees are paid by the student.  Please check directly with these organizations for their current costs.

Available Financial Aid

NCM is not a Title IV school. It does not qualify for this because it does not have a campus. This means that students are not be eligible for federal financial aid or deferments of student loans.  Payments made to the National College of Midwifery are usually not tax deductible and NCM does not issue 1098T forms.


For more information about Financial Aid Resources and the NCM  scholarship visit these links.

Administrative and Preceptor Fee Refunds

For information about our refund policy please refer to the NCM handbook Living Document Version.

Preceptor/Instructor Tuition/Fee Agreement

Students and preceptors enter into their own financial (remuneration) agreements.  The student pays this tuition directly to the preceptor.

Fees and Tuition: FAQ
Bonus BSM
ASM Fees

Application Fee
$100 non-refundable

You will submit this fee when you fill out the application

ASM Program 

Clinical Audit Fee


Full payment is made after your enrollment is processed through our student portal, Classe365.

Academic Courses
$125 per credit

$125 per credit once enrolled.

Gained through self-paced online coursework led by online professors. Bulk purchase of ASM courses also available.

Yearly Extension Fee

1/3 Clinical Audit Fee

For students' fourth and fifth years of enrollment. Added to the student's balance through the Classe365 portal.

Fees and Tuition: Product
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