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Preceptor Facilities, Equipment and Supplies

NCM does not provide classrooms, educational equipment or classrooms.


Preceptors must have access to a computer and internet, maintain and check an email account and know how to use basic computer programs.


NCM maintains an institutional subscription with ScienceDirect which gives access to current health science literature and databases. Students and faculty have two ways to gain access to the ScienceDirect literature the first is through direct communication with the NCM Librarian who obtains and disseminates any article requested by a student or preceptor accessible via ScienceDirect. The second is through NCM’s online Digital Library where copies of previous access articles are maintained for the use of the entire student and faculty body.


Preceptor facilities that are located in public or commercial buildings, must  provide evidence of a safety plan and inspection by local authorities for building and fire safety to be accepted as an NCM Preceptor.


NCM does not have a campus or clinical facilities. Preceptors must provide a copy of their policies and procedures for universal precautions, hazardous materials management (e.g., bleach, chemicals), and bio-hazardous waste management (e.g., proper storage and disposal of bodily secretions and sharps) in classroom facilities.


Preceptors are required to:

  • completed site/practice application which requires

    • how often equipment is inspected and maintained and/or replaced,

    • how the site meets all federal and state standards for infection control, storage and disposal of hazardous materials,

  • affirmation or rationale for divergence for required equipment list,

  • and for public buildings provide

    • a diagram of the site,

    • a safety plan,

    • and if required by the state a fire safety/inspection.

If the site requires a fee separate from the preceptor contract a fee statement for the learning site must also be completed.​

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