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La Plaza

Online Learning Hub

La Plaza is an online learning hub that brings together instructors in various fields of study that directly or indirectly relate to midwifery education.  NCM does not review, evaluate or approve the material in these courses but rather provides the forum for community learning to happen. 











Click the image above to go to to view current offerings!


Think of it like a public radio station; the views, opinions and conclusions expressed in these courses are those of the author and not those of NCM, its employees or board.  The author of the course is solely responsible for its content. These are not MEAC-accredited courses but rather have been approved for CEUs from various external organizations. The instructors are responsible for ensuring they have legal permission to use all materials provided. Please do your own research as to the credibility of the material, its authors and the organizations providing the CEUs to confirm whether or not they will meet your learning needs.



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