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Securing Preceptors

Typically at NCM when students delay enrollment after applying it is either due to a financial complication or a challenge in securing preceptors. 


Program enrolled students have previously been required to secure academic and clinical preceptors but now only need to secure one clinical preceptor before enrolling.

If you are having trouble finding a preceptor, here are two great solutions:


Preceptor Opt-In List

The preceptor-opt in list is an online open-source spreadsheet that lists academic and clinical preceptors who are accepting students. Check out who is available and reach out to them! 


Academic Only (just to start out)

Check out  “Start as a non-degree seeking student!”  Non-degree seeking students do not need to secure a preceptor before taking courses a la carte.


More NCM has Done to Ease the Process

NCM also recently revamped our preceptor application process and made it much easier to complete. If your preceptor started the process but hasn’t finished, we HIGHLY encourage them to go through the new process which is three steps:

  1. Application (5 minutes)

  2. Preceptor Orientation (this is a self-paced online course on Canvas that helps them orient to the college and the technology.  This is sometimes what stalls the process.  There is an email they must send when they finish)

  3. Enrollment (once their certification/license, etc. is gathered this takes about 10 minutes to complete)  

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