Updated 4/3/2020

REQUIRED: COVID-19 Disclosure for Learning Site Safety

On 4/1/2020, NCM sent out to all students and preceptors an email through Mailchimp outlining NCM's Learning Site Guidance and Disclosure.  It is a REQUIREMENT that all students and preceptors read this and follow the instructions for signing the disclosure.  Until both the student and preceptor sign the COVID-19 Learning Site Disclosure the dyad is restricted from in-person contact with or without clients.  If you did not receive the email, please check your spam folder or click here for a pdf version.

NCM Surveys

NCM has published two surveys for current students and preceptors. The first asks about the impact of COVID-19 on their academic and clinical experiences; fill it out here. The second survey will help NCM track the financial impact to preceptors and students as well as completion rates so that we can respond accordingly; fill this second survey out here.

Support For Adjusting Plans of Completion

We understand that students' plans of completion are being affected by COVID-19.  Students are invited to join a zoom meeting to discuss how to use the graphic plan of completion on Friday, April 3rd, and get answers to their questions about creating a flexible yet robust way forward with academic studies and clinical experiences.  These events can be found on the NCM Public Calendar where links to the zoom meetings are provided in the notes section of each event.


Department of Health Orders

Every state is continually amending health orders based on the developing circumstances related to COVID 19 in that state.  All students and preceptors should go to their state’s Department of Health website to check for updates daily so that they can abide by those orders and advise their clients of updated orders.  You can find a link to your state's Health Department's Coronavirus (COVID-19) website here.

Resources Regarding COVID 19 in Pregnancy

Please check The National College of Midwifery Facebook page which is being updated regularly with important notifications and resources regarding COVID.


NCM is also continually updating a free course called COVID-19 Midwifery Resources.  Please reference this course on a regular basis to access the most recent information and feel free to share the link widely with anyone who might benefit from this free course.  https://ncm.catalog.instructure.com/


CURRENTLY, YOU CANNOT COUNT ANY CLINICAL EXPERIENCE DONE THROUGH AN ONLINE PLATFORM TOWARDS YOUR CLINICAL NUMBERS.  NCM has reached out to NARM specifically to encourage them to make a policy that allows for certain clinical experiences that are done through online platforms to count towards licensure.  At the present time, NARM is taking the stance that they do not think it is appropriate to use these electronic clinical experiences for the numbers needed for students. They will be reassessing this policy on a weekly basis as the COVID 19 situation develops.  NCM will continue to advocate for them to create a policy that meets the needs of the current situation.


Changes to NCM Office Operations

As of March 20, 2020 staff will be following the updated orders sent out by the New Mexico Department of Health on March 19, 2020, which include:


Typical business environments that are not engaged in the provision of an essential service should limit operations to the greatest extent possible and minimize employee contact.


All public and private employers are required to comply with this Order and any instructions provided by State departments or agencies regarding COVID-19.


New Mexico citizens must stay at home and undertake those outings absolutely necessary for health, safety and welfare.


Office staff will be bringing the technology and equipment necessary for the operations of NCM to their homes so they can work remotely.  If a trip to the office is deemed “absolutely necessary”, the staff will only be in the office one at a time. All travel related to NCM operations will be cancelled through May 31.  While we are still committed to keeping the lines of communication open and responsive, we ask for your patience as we make this transition.


Library Policy Changes

Due to COVID we are anticipating an increased demand for library items. In response, NCM is updating and adapting our lending policy. NCM is closing our mailing library so that we limit exposure for staff and mail carriers. However, we have created two resources to counter the effects of this decision:

  • We have created a community forum for lending on our website.  Please consider posting what books you can share locally and what books you would like to borrow. Visit this new capability and our new bulletin board here: www.midwiferycollege.edu/forum

  • We have created an online digital library of our textbooks in Amazon. 


The new lending policy during the COVID emergency is as follows: each student may only borrow books for a max of one class if they are in block 1, two classes for block 2 and 3, and three classes for block 4 students. Books are lent for a maximum of 14 days if there are people waiting for the same book.


Each book will have 6 copies available. Please consider making a small donation to the College as purchasing digital copies for lending was not in our planned budget.

Student IDs and Shelter in Place Exemptions

All students on March 18 were given access to NCM identification cards and a personal email letter asking that they be unrestricted from sheltering in place in order to attend to clients.  The Shelter in Place exemption letter is meant to offer general immediate assistance to those who need it. NCM recommends that you contact your local authorities to inquire what is currently needed (if you are currently living with a Shelter in Place order) or what will likely be needed in the case that a Shelter in Place order is instated.  Since NCM has never had to issue this type of letter before, we are relying on you to let us know what your local authorities need. If you are concerned that the letter we are providing here will not satisfy the requirements of your local authorities, please contact marcya@midwiferycollege.edu with information about your specific needs.

NARM Testing

There are changes to NARM testing due to COVID-19.  Please visit http://narm.org/  for more information.

International Travel

The US Department of State has announced a Level 4 Health Advisory.  NCM is following the CDC, US Department of State and the Department of Homeland Security recommendations for international travel.  We are asking that all students who are currently studying abroad and those who were making plans to study abroad be aware of these recommendations and make decisions accordingly.

Students Currently Abroad:

NCM is following CDC recommendations for Institutes of Higher Education by strongly encouraging students currently studying abroad to return to their home country and to be aware that "students abroad may face unpredictable circumstances, travel restrictions, and challenges in returning home or accessing health care while abroad." 

NCM is also following the Department of State recommendations that "in countries where commercial departure options remain available, U.S. citizens who live in the United States should arrange for immediate return to the United States, unless they are prepared to remain abroad for an indefinite period."

Students who were planning to study abroad:

NCM is following the Department of State recommendations that U.S citizens are advised to "avoid all international travel due to the global impact of COVID-19....Many countries are experiencing COVID-19 outbreaks and implementing travel restrictions and mandatory quarantines, closing borders, and prohibiting non-citizens from entry with little advance notice....If you choose to travel internationally, your travel plans may be severely disrupted, and you may be forced to remain outside of the United States for an indefinite timeframe."

For more information, visit: https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/traveladvisories/ea/travel-advisory-alert-global-level-4-health-advisory-issue.html


Financial Strain

NCM understands that students will likely be experiencing financial hardship during this time.  NCM will continue to bill as usual and will follow our regular policies around billing but asks that you contact Clorinda at clorindar@midwiferycollege.edu if you need to discuss alternatives to your current payment plan.  

Supporting Efficient Completion of the Program

The world is in immediate need of midwives more than ever before! If you have completed all of your clinicals and are only need to complete academic credits, please contact Cassaundra at cassuandraj@midwiferycollege.edu.  We are currently brainstorming ways to support efficient academic completion.


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