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Herstory of Success

Ever since 1989, National College of Midwifery has been providing students with a rich and diverse learning environment. Our midwifery apprenticeship teaching model launches students into the real world of midwifery and prepares them for the successful career they have always dreamed of.  National College of Midwifery is located in Taos, NM and has over 130 students and an efficient and dedicated staff. We encourage faculty, preceptors, staff and students alike to grow, learn and create each passing day.

Why a Bachelor's degree?

Many CPMs and LMs see earning a bachelor’s degree as the next best step in their professional development, a way to earn the required CEUs (yes, college credit courses count toward your CEUs) and put more “letters” behind their name.

Bridge Requirement

Many states are moving to the requirement of a bridge or MEAC accredited program and grandmothering allowances are either not included or time out. Rather than pay thousands for the NARM required bridge courses why not put this toward a bachelor’s degree at NCM? (Alumni and Active Preceptors receive a 50% course discount.)

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Expanding Opportunities

Want to work and serve clients overseas? Many countries accept the CPM credential and require that the midwife have a bachelor’s level education. NCM's emphasis on equity and inclusion will help you learn about and work with cultural humility to reduce harm.

Returning to Service

Have you been on a break from clinical practice? Have your evidence-based guidelines gotten out of date? Refresh and renew your education around evidence-based practice, complete academics at an accredited level with an emphasis on equity and inclusion.

The NCM BSM program was specifically designed for CPMs/LMs regardless of their path to certification (PEP, state process, or MEAC accredited program). If the CPM is a graduate of NCMs associate’s program they will only need to complete four courses at 4 credits each and a 24 credit course that is a comprehensive case review of their ten most recent births as primary obtained after certification or licensure. If the student is not an alumni they will also have to complete most of the general education courses required under the associate’s degree (A&P, Communication/Counseling, Fetal Development, Genetic Screening, Ethics, Applied Microbiology, Community Health, Business and Professional Communication, Human Sexuality, College Composition, College level math, Statistics, Laws/Regulations, Midwifery Literature and Art, History of Midwifery). (California students also have to complete the California required general education courses of Chemistry and Child Growth and Development as well as the suturing and medications portion of the IP Basic Skills).

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Bike Path


Bridge Pathway

  • Average cost of $1,000

  • 50 CEUs

  • Earn a Bridge certificate

  • Increase in national opportunities

Rock Maze


Bachelor's Degree

  • Costs $1,500 + academic course fees + Preceptor fees *

  • Earn a MEAC accredited bachelor's degree

  • All academics completed count toward IBCLC Pathways 1 & 2

  • Increase in national and international job opportunities

  • Average national salary increase 38-167%'

*50% discount on course fees for preceptors

'Business Insider

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