Clinical Placements & Preceptor Connection Support

How do you find your preceptor(s)?

Students are required to find and contract with their own preceptors.

NCM provides the following support to help students find clinical placements and preceptors:

  • NCM's Bulletin Board, review it for preceptors and clinical sites seeking students or submit your own posting of students seeking preceptors

  • Check out our Preceptor Opt-In List.

  • Contact the Midwife association of your state.

  • Contact NCM's office for more support.


Within the US there are higher volume birth centers which specialize in providing clinical opportunities for students for a fee (note this is not covered by your NCM tuition and would be an additional fee to you the student).  All rules still apply for contracting with clinical preceptors. (Fee Statement for Learning Site Form)

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