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Board of Directors

Here to Help Our College Grow

The Board of Directors is made up of members chosen at the annual meeting and Officers include Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary and Treasurer.  They meet at least three times per year.

Students and their preceptors are invited to attend the College's annual board meeting to provide feedback to the College and directly participate in directing the program.  Additional meetings are held throughout the year as necessary.  Agendas for the Annual Meeting are posted on the College’s website.  Those unable to attend are encouraged to call, write, or email the College with their thoughts and opinions on agenda items or any other topics relating to the College.  In addition, feedback is solicited of graduates on surveys sent out by the administration.  Suggestions are further solicited from students and faculty on trimesterly Evaluation Forms.

Khara Jabola-Carolus, Chair

Christina Castro, Vice-Chair

Monica Esparza, Treasurer

Rasalin Neudeck, Secretary 

Adrienne Brown, Member

Tanya Smith-Johnson, Member & NCM President

Board of Directors: TeamMember

From Left to Right: Christina Castro-Board Director, Ezra Depperman-Board President & Secretary, Marcy Andrew-former NCM President, Tanya Smith-Johnson-new NCM president, Monica Esparza-Board Treasurer

NCM welcomes public comments (positive and/or constructive) as part of our faculty's periodic evaluation process.
Please submit a Public Comment Form here.

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