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Academic Courses

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NCM currently offers 113 Midwifery and General Education credits; academic courses are taught by our online professors, and can be taken as an Associate, Bachelor or as a Non-Degree Seeking student.


ASM/BSM Students

Follow these links for more information about our ASM or BSM program.


Non-Degree Students

Non-degree students can take NCM classes à la carte for credit in our distance education program with our online learning coordinators.  Credit earned as a Non-degree Student can be later transferred to NCM's ASM or BSM programs (subject to current transfer credit policy).  Starting in January 2021, each course will be offered at $125 per credit in order to cover the cost of academic online instruction and grading.


Observer Status/Curriculum Access

If you would like access to the full curriculum offered by NCM as an observer without validation or credit of completion, we now charge $80/year fee for this service - 100% of this fee goes to fund our scholarship programCheck out observer status here.  This is a great way for potential students to see curriculum very similar to the ASM program curriculum and for NARM PEP students to have access to our MEAC-accredited curriculum!


To View Each Course's Syllabus

View the syllabi of each of our courses by clicking this link and selecting NCM Syllabi from the index.

All Midwifery (MW) courses and the General Education courses Cultural Issues, Genetic Screening, and Laws & Regulations must be taken within 7 years of graduation, including transfers.














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