Academic Courses

NCM currently offers 113 Midwifery and General Education credits; academic courses are taught by our online professors, and can be taken as an Associate, Bachelor or as a Non-Degree Seeking student.


ASM/BSM Students

Follow these links for more information about our ASM or BSM program.


Non-Degree Students

Non-degree students can take NCM classes à la carte for credit in our distance education program with our online learning coordinators.  Credit earned as a Non-degree Student can be later transferred to NCM's ASM or BSM programs (subject to current transfer credit policy).  Starting in January 2021, each course will be offered at $125 per credit in order to cover the cost of academic online instruction and grading.


Observer Status/Curriculum Access

If you would like access to the full curriculum offered by NCM as an observer without validation or credit of completion, we now charge $80/year fee for this service - 100% of this fee goes to fund our scholarship programCheck out observer status here.  This is a great way for potential students to see curriculum very similar to the ASM program curriculum and for NARM PEP students to have access to our MEAC-accredited curriculum!


To View Each Course's Syllabus

View the syllabi of each of our courses by clicking this link and selecting NCM Syllabi from the index.